Kay Das is an internationally known steel guitarist with a unique background based in Orange County/Los Angeles where he performs at Hawaiian and other events regularly.

He visits Hawaii often and was the winner of a special Hawaii Music Award for his steel guitar instrumental album "The Plumeria Journey".

He has produced 16 steel guitar instrumental CDs, available on cdbaby.com, iTunes and amazon.com.  He has made to date well over 250  instrumental recordings with several original compositions. He plays both lap steel and pedal steel guitars with a repertoire  that includes pop, blues, Hawaiian, country, rock, standards and  light classical.

He is largely self-taught but traces his steel guitar influences to Jules Ah See, Gabby Pahinui, Garney Nyss, Jerry Byrd, Buddy Emmons, and others. A regular performer at steel guitar events, he actively promotes the steel guitar, has played at various public events in the US, UK, Italy, India, and Singapore.

He is also a  teacher of the steel guitar with his own instruction material.

Listen to Kay's music on: CDBaby | iTunes

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